HTP Contractor Rewards

Q: Can wholesalers and homeowners sign up for this program?

  A: No! This program is for contracting companies only. You must sign up for the program as a company with a company representative that will monitor the company’s rewards and points.

Q: Why do we need to provide a tax ID number at sign up?

  A: The tax ID number is necessary for us to verify that you are signing up as a company rather than an individual. It is used to help us monitor the program and help your company get the rewards you deserve rather than having rewards split between individuals at the company.

Q: Do we receive points depending upon the money we spend or depending upon the product we buy?

  A: Points are awarded based on the product that you purchase, not exactly how much it costs.

Q: How do we claim points on HTP products?

  A: Points can be easily claimed by clicking on Get Points and filling out a quick form. Be sure to keep your invoice to verify your purchase!

Q: Why do we have to send an invoice when we redeem points?

  A: It is REQUIRED to provide an invoice so that we can cross reference the product to make sure that no one is registering the same product twice! The invoice represents your proof of purchase of the appliance. Make sure the invoice includes your company information, date of purchase, purchase amount, and serial number (either pre-printed or handwritten).

Q: How do I submit an invoice for verification?

  A: Invoices can be submitted by attaching a file on the form for redeeming points, or via fax. If you need to send it in via fax, please send it to 774-271-9101 attention HTP Rewards.

Q: Why do only some HTP products qualify for the rewards program?

  A: HTP is currently launching this program with select HTP Products. Further products may be added in the future at the sole discretion of HTP.

Q: How do we get prizes?

  A: Once you select what prize you would like to redeem we simply ship it out to you for free and you get to reap the benefits!

Q: How do warranties on rewards work?

  A: Warranties on non-HTP products are provided by the manufacturer of that reward and are not the responsibility of HTP. HTP products offer their standard warranty though the usual channels.

Q: What happens if something is defective when we receive a reward?

  A: Send us an email at immediately and we will do our best to replace the unit through the proper vendor. HTP will need to be contacted within 7 days of receipt of the reward in order to address the situation.

Q: How do special offers work?

  A: Details will vary depending on the offer. Please refer to the limited offers page for details on a per offer basis.

Q: What other perks are there to signing up for the program?

  A: For signing up for HTP’s Contractor Rewards program you are eligible for our variety of rewards. You will receive exclusive emails for special offers and new product information.

Q: Do points expire?

  A: Points do NOT expire on active accounts. However, if an account goes stagnant/dormat for more than 365 days then the account will be deactivated.